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Olivia's Gift is celebrated living for adults with severe disabilities.

A blueprint for residential living that honors the individual.
A place of beauty and nurturance.
With connection to family. And community. And nature.

A home away from the family home.

With the resources to help residents reach their fullest potential.
Through movement and joy and sensory experience.

Olivia’s Gift is a place of spirit, and love, and living.
Driven by the knowledge that each person was created by God with special purpose and value.

Our Mission Statement
Olivia’s Gift is a non-profit creative housing partnership for young adults who require a high level of care. We provide excellent individualized support and meaningful community-based opportunities while assuring a safe and caring environment.

Become a Gardening Buddy of Olivia's Gift!

corey vanduinenArtPrize winner Corey VanDuinen has designed an indoor sensory waterfall sculpture which will be graced with etched interactive flowers. Be one of the first to partner with us by providing an etched flower with a blessing from you or in honor or memory of a loved one. Learn more!

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