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Olivia's Gift Wish List

Vecta Full - 9VCTAF - $3,899.00
VectaVecta - a portable, versatile, Sensory experience for any space. Full Unit includes Stand and Cabinet with Stereo, Aroma Diffuser, Solar 100 Projector, Solar Starter Pack, Active Bubble Column, Ball Switch and 100 Tail Fiber Optics. Can be moved easily from room to room on its sturdy wheels and requires only one plug to transform the room. Converts Waiting rooms, Treatment rooms and Bedrooms into relaxing, distracting areas.

Fluorescent Chimeabout - 6TMMCL - $84.00
chimeaboutSpins easily. UV acrylic strips, with mirrors on one side. Each strip has a bell which jingles when it is spun.

Small Bubble Wall - 3BUWLS - $599.00
bubble wall Streams of bubbles have a dramatic soothing effect. Holds 3 gallons of water.

Solar 100 - 9SLRA - $789.00
solar projectorThe Projector is the heart of a Multi-Sensory Environment: casting gently moving images and patterns onto the walls, floor and anyone in the way. Our Solar 100 Projector is a powerful 100w projector for darker rooms up to 16' square.

Wonder Wall Product Code: 9TWTX Price: $1,999.00
wonder wallTFH is proud to present a completely new range of Tactile walls. Art-work that you want to touch, can touch and rewards touch.

Adaptive Tricycle $2076.00
tricycleRustler, Ranger, Wrangler.Choose the one that is right for your child, with room to grow. Rifton adaptive tricycles provide therapeutic, reciprocal exercise with all the fun of riding.

Parker Bath $20,000.00
parker bathThe Parker Bath system can be used as a smoother and safer solution for assisted bathing. It combines the optimum access of side-entry with the comfort and safety enhancing-benefits of powered raising, lowering and reclining. System options include a variable speed air-spa, soap dispenser and a wall mounted cleaner/disinfection system. A range of support accessories is available for individualized comfort.

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