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As with any facility this size, the Olivia's Gift living center needs the help of many hands.You can make a difference by volunteering your time and talent to help create a rich and stimulating environment for our residents.

Are you:

  • an art teacher, art student or just love to help with art projects?
  • a massage therapist or massage student?
  • a music teacher, music student, or play piano and/or guitar?
  • able to provide pastoral visits or ministries?
  • a physical therapist or occupational therapist?
  • a cosmetologist?
  • a person who is passionate about gardening?
  • able to chaperone community outings?
  • able to grocery shop?
  • someone who can cook, do laundry or mend clothes?
  • a bird lover or fish expert?
  • able to do yard work and lawn maintenance?

What is your specialty? We would love to hear from you. We welcome and value volunteers. They’re an important part of our team. If you’d like to offer your services, please contact Kelly Krues at

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