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God's Special Hands at Work

pooch treat tagOlivia’s Gift is a place of spirit, love, and living. Believing that everyone is created by God with special purpose and value, striving to enhance the lives of individuals with special needs.

With that in mind, Olivia’s Gift Living Center created a business in which these young adults can participate in selling homemade products to local businesses. Their Pooch Treats are tested by George the dog, and baked by many loving volunteers who work alongside our six bakers who are proud that they, too, can make a difference in the world. 100% of proceeds benefit God’s Special Hands at Work, a micro enterprise created within Olivia’s Gift.

Meet Our Bakers

Olivia PoochOlivia
Kris PoochKris

Khrista PoochKhrista

Leslie PoochLeslie

David at WorkDavid Hard at Work

Made Fresh with Love Each Week

Ingredients: rolled oats, butter, water, cornmeal, sugar, beef bouillon, milk, cheddar cheese, egg and wheat flour.

mixing bowlMany Hands Make Light Work

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