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Future Funding

Olivia’s Gift (OG) has a passion for offering creative environments where young adults with severe disabilities thrive. We call this Celebrated Living. In the West Michigan area, and around the country, this group of people have few options for living their lives with dignity and love outside of their family home. The OG model for Celebrated Living provides a different, proven approach that solves this problem.

OG is a 501(c)3 organization that has remained financially successful in times when many similar efforts have not. We also realize that current effort does not always guarantee the future. Our fundraising activities require a longer-term focus that will result in a viable, sustainable model that can assure that long-term success that our residents and families require.

We are actively seeking financial partners, through grants, donations and in-kind assistance. We value all financial efforts and other help, and remain open to working with donors to assure your efforts are considered a legacy, and remembered in our community.

Please, help us continue to provide a place of Celebrated Living for disabled adults in our community. Your help, at any level, makes a real difference.

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