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Meet Olivia

Olivia Henrickson was three years old when she wandered off and was found, 25 agonizing minutes later, in a nearby pond. Paramedics were able to revive her, but the effect of the near-drowning changed her and her family’s lives forever.

Today, she is confined to a wheelchair and cannot walk, talk, or take care of her most basic needs. But her spirit is incomparable. While the accident stripped away many of her abilities, the gift of her smile and a contagious giggle returned over time along with a sparkle in her eyes, that spoke volumes where no words were needed...years, serving as a beacon to guide her family, remind them that every day is a gift, and keep them moving forward in their journey for meaning. As Olivia reaches adulthood, her family, along with countless other families, faces the next challenge in their journey: How to continue to provide the level of support, stimulation, and interaction their children have received in their schools, once they are no longer eligible for educational services.

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