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On the MOVE

Olivia’s Gift is one of the first certified residential homes in Michigan to offer "The MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education)® Program" and therapy for its residents.

pacer Liv_Leslie_taylorMOVE is a research-based program that improves functional mobility skills and empowers people with severe disabilities to better direct their lives. The program uses family/person-centered planning to create mobility programs based on current theory and research in education, psychology, biomechanics, and motor science.

Using a range of equipment including gait trainers, standard tables and chairs, adapted chairs, mobile standers, and forward-leaning walkers, the MOVE program helps individuals:

* Acquire increased independence in sitting, standing, and walking
* Learn and gain more mobility
*And experience better health and enhanced personal dignity

View David take his first steps at age 26 at Olivia's Gift>david_woodtv_tram_krystal

The MOVE Program originated in the 1980s in the Kern County Superintendent of Schools, Bakersfield, California. The MOVE Program is now used in many school districts and other facilities/ organizations throughout the United States and many other nations.

Olivia’s Gift is pleased to offer this incredible, onsite resource to its residents and their families. For more information on MOVE, visit

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